The Final Badge – Charizard

Indignant, unbecoming, unabiding. These were the words that came to mind when I thought of my Charizard.

I am not a huge fan of battling gyms – I am more into friendly fighting and collecting. Very rarely do I leave on a journey to gather badges. Hence, the problem child.

I found a Charmander in the mountains, foraging. After capturing him, I trained excessively with him. Unfortunately, at the time, I didn’t have my fourth badge. He evolved quickly and became a Pokemon I could no longer battle with due to misbehavior.

The more battles I win, the stronger he becomes. He has forced me to gather up seven of the eight badges and still does not care about me.

He is not someone that you should-”

What is that sound? I got up from journaling on my bed. I swear to god if Charizard is in the fridge again.

I came out of my bedroom, down the hallway and into the kitchen. I could hear knocking on the other side of the wall in the hallway. It must be the neighbors going at each other.

I rounded the corner and there he was.

“Charizard!” He turned partially, discontent in his eyes. “It’s ten thirty, what are you doing in the fridge this late?”

He grunted. His wings fluttered a little, and he scarfed down the lunchmeat he had in his left hand quickly before shutting the fridge door.

He went back out to the couch to lay down. He had his back to me. I went back to my room.

“I want to be able to battle well with him. His moves are well-rounded.”

I heard the neighbors again, this time from my room. I tried to ignore it.

“Charizard is now a level 84. His battling style is impeccable. Once I have my eighth badge, the problems at home will stop for good.”

I heard moaning. I quit typing and listened. The neighbors must be… in their kitchen? God, what it must be like to have a boyfriend.

I stared at my laptop screen for a moment.

I could hear the pounding against the stove, its metal clanging marking the thrusts. I couldn’t bring myself to type anymore.

I shut the laptop quietly, moving it over and tucking myself into the bed. The noise was growing louder.

God damn. He is lasting so long.

I reached between my legs, under my skirt, to the edge of my underwear. I can’t stand it. My finger slid across my opening.

The woman was moaning – words I was unable to make out were pouring from her mouth. The pounding was harder and slower. He was about to come.

I pulled my underwear off and tried to proceed. Two fingers pushed into me. I bit my pillow.

How long had it been since I’d had someone? Months… I am so turned on all time.

I heard growling outside my door.

Leave me alone you damn heathen. I kept stroking myself, now two hands between my legs with one on my clit. I couldn’t quit thinking of my last boyfriend.

I could hear Charizard’s huffing from the hallway. He must be hungry again and wants me to cook something.

“Wait for just a second!” I sounded angry, but I wanted to finish so badly.

His growl sounded indignant, and the door to my bedroom burst open.

I stopped, my hands moving away from my body. Charizard had a full view of everything between my splayed legs. I was so shocked I couldn’t move.

He froze, dead in his tracks. His eyes were wide and his wings folded against his back. He looked from between my legs to my face.

He made a sound like a question, his wings finally unfolding and flapping a bit. I was seething.

“Get out!” He didn’t move. “Charizard!”

He looked like he was smiling. Like he had caught me in the act of something terrible – well, I guess he had caught me doing something.

“Fuck you!” I growled at him. He huffed in laughter, puffing himself up to show his victory.

I stared at him. He still stood there smiling.

“You want dinner? Is that what you want?”

He nodded.

“That’s too bad.”

He huffed again.

“Get out.”

He growled.

I was seething. I wasn’t going to wait. Fuck that indignant dragon.

I reached into my bedside drawer for my small vibrator. I pulled it out and held it against my clit. My mouth popped open and I groaned.

Charizard stared at me in disbelief.

“I – I am going to finish up.” I tried to stay confident, but my body was starting to get close. I was so aroused from the neighbors.

He stomped his foot at me.

I shoved the vibrator inside of myself and started thrusting. It was heavenly.

He was watching intently, eyes narrow.

I moved the vibrator faster. My legs were starting to shake. The room was quiet with the sound of my heavy breathing.

He looked peeved but started walking towards me. I was suddenly nervous. Was he still angry? He wouldn’t… hurt me. Would he?

He stared at my opening, now only a foot away from me. He looked into my eyes for a moment – is that arousal?

His head leaned down and his long tongue was suddenly lapping from my opening to my clit in long languid motions. I nearly bucked off of the bed.

“H-hey! Stop!” I could hear him huff, like laughter, again. His tongue pushed into me, a good five inches deep. It felt like it was in my stomach.

His hands came up to hold my legs open. His tongue moved out of me and down to my ass, sliding across the opening and then back up to my clit. His mouth stopped to cover my clit with gentle suction. I bowed my back.

That suction – fuck it’s good. Should I be doing this? He’s sucking on me so steadily.

I bucked again. I couldn’t get my legs open wide enough. At this rate, I was going to come in his mouth.

He made a cooing sound. Was that a sound of approval?

“Please…” I was started to beg. I don’t think the begging was for him to stop. My clit was throbbing. Low in my back, I could feel the building of an orgasm.

God, that throbbing was getting so unbearable.

My back snapped down straight.

“Oh, fuck…” I erupted. A heat low in my groin fanned out across my legs. I tried to stay silent, but a loud groan made it out of my throat. The orgasm was traveling up my spine, down my legs and deep inside my pussy. I was bucking wildly.

“Yes, yes Charizard! It’s so fucking good.”

He removed his mouth slowly, watching my body shake from him.

His eyes looked different. He was calm and quiet. He rose up to his full height again, and I saw what was changing his attitude.

His thick cock stood erect between his legs. I have never seen him hard. He has to be a solid nine inches, at least three or four inches wide.

He let out a growl. His eyes were still glued between my legs. I was catching on.

“Are you going to bury that in me?” I chimed. He narrowed his eyes at me. “Hmm. Sad little Charizard, yearning for his trainer.”

His eyes snapped open wide. A growl came from deep in his throat.

I smirked at him. “Never thought you’d want me, did you? All those times you blatantly disobeyed me. Maybe I shouldn’t let you have me.”

He was baring his teeth at me. He knows that I want to be filled. He knows I haven’t had a boyfriend in months.

He knows that I want to be filled. He knows I haven’t had a boyfriend in months.

I started to rub my swollen clit again. It was sensitive now.

He stepped forward, rubbing the head of his cock against my opening. I was suddenly shaking in anticipation.

“Charizard… put it in.” He kept rubbing me. “Charizard… please.” He was focused on my hole.

He groaned, his eyes lulling. His mouth parted in arousal. I could see him throbbing, huge and pink and thick.

“God, won’t you please fuck me?” I sounded desperate. I rubbed my clit faster, wet sounds resonating through the room.

He inhaled quickly, then started to push in. His eyes went wide, his mouth fell open. He breathed out and smoke poured from him.

It was overwhelming. I was being spread so far – I was holding my breath. The walls of my pussy had never been opened up like this.

He was pressed against my cervix, so hot inside of me. The warmth and his length nearly made me scream.

I had never seen him so content. He moaned, grabbing my hips and lifting them off of the bed. He started thrusting downward.

He was staring into my eyes while he thrust.

“Fuck! Your h-huge…”

His head lowered to my shoulder and he nibbled me. His hands were on my waist. He lifted me quickly, bucking up into me.

Oh… this is nothing like any other man I’ve had. Charizard is thick and fills me to the brink. I may actually be able to come from penetration – he is pressed against my g-spot. Too deep… It’s too much, he’s too big.

He started to thrust faster, his hips slamming into me. He was so steady with his thrusting. Something started to throb between my legs, an ache probably from the last two orgasms.

The head of his cock now lightly tapped my cervix.

I didn’t know how good it felt to have my cervix bumped… He is so close to my womb.

He put a hand on my chest and pulled me up to a better angle.

My g-spot…. My legs were shaking. The head of his dick is pounding away. Will the thrusts ever stop?

It seemed like twenty minutes passed, his cock pistoning in and out of me. The steady push of his cock against my g-spot and my opening stretching and restretching for him made me dizzy. I laid limp in his hands.

The ache was growing quickly in my pussy. His cock thrust faster. I tried to move out of his grasp, it was so overwhelming. He pulled me back with my legs in the air. He re-entered me and pounded downward, splaying my legs wide open.

I could hardly stay quiet. I suddenly felt indignant – I didn’t want him to have the satisfaction of making me come again.

I still tried to crawl away. There was a struggle suddenly. I closed my legs and his cock slipped out of me. I army crawled away from him. He suddenly flapped his wings to mount me.

He pinned me on my belly. His cock slipped between my cheeks again and pounded downward to my g-spot.

“Charizard!” I was yelling now. “You sad excuse for a Pokemon!” I don’t know what I was saying, I felt so embarrassed that he had control of me.

He had both hands on my ass, thrusting quickly in and out from between my closed legs.

“You think you can have me? You can hardly get through a single battle!”

He nearly roared at me. He grabbed my waist and hoisted me up so he could throw me to the floor.

I was on my side, he clamped my legs together to my left with one hand. The other hand opened my hole up wide, his cock finding it and slamming downward again.

I was going to come. I tried to twist my way out of it. I made it to my belly again, crawling away. He opened my legs up again, this time dragging me backward and holding me by the waist. He angled my body upwards and shoved downwards. He started to fly upward, pulling my lower body with him. He pounded down into me as I nearly dangled off of the floor in doggy-style.

I shuddered.

“Charizard! I s-swear to god!” He was pounding me so fast his balls slapped my clit quickly.

“Ooohhh, god yes!” I was screaming finally. The waves of pleasure in my groin felt like bursts of fireworks. He continued to pound away at me relentlessly. I shook in his hands, my hips bucking to meet his thrusts. “Ohh, oh please!” I pleaded with him. “Please… don’t stop.” I felt like my orgasm was lasting forever on his cock. Each burst from my inside kept coursing through me.

I breathed heavily as he lowered me to the floor on my knees before I fell flat on my belly again. He continued pumping, following the angle of my body before coming to sit on my legs again and pump between my cheeks another round.

I felt so used up, but his cock was slick with me and his pounding didn’t slow. I didn’t know how to make it stop. He was using my hole for as long as he wanted – he was too strong for me to throw off.

“Charizard?” I was barely audible. “Hey…” He was holding my ass again, thrusting hard. “Are you – well, can you finish?”

He growled at me. He pulled my hips up into the air again – suddenly I could feel it. He was assaulting my g-spot again.

“No! No, I can’t!” I was nearly crying out. But he felt so good. I have never felt this constant ache from the consistent pounding. He could keep going and going.

He pulled out of me, and instead of relief, I felt so empty. I turned to my back and sat up to see him moving back onto my bed.

He stood towering on my bed, wings wide open. He grunted at me, inviting me back for more. I could feel the pressure in my groin.

Please… I want that cock.

I walked back over to the bed, getting onto my back. I opened my legs for him, making him excited. He grabbed either side of my torso and sank his cock back into me.

“Your cock is so good,” I groaned at him. I could see a smile playing on his lips. “I feel like you’re breaking me open.”

He was fully sheathed again. He started to slowly pump me.

“Faster… I need you faster.” He shook his head as a negative. “Excuse me? Where did all your enthusiasm go?”

He growled in laughter. His legs got wider and he pounded me faster. The wet sounds started again from between my legs. I felt self-conscious and started to pull away from him again to my side.

He twisted me back onto my back.


He narrowed his eyes. We took flight again and I had to catch my breath. He had my torso in his hands, but his cock made me stay upright. He was starting to piston in and out again in the air. I felt like a ragdoll, watching myself be spread open at every stroke.

“Oh! Oh, fuck. You’re just grazing it Charizard!”

He laid only my top half back on the bed, bending my back with his hands and changing the angle of his hips in the air.

There it was. I tightened. The head of his cock was directly hitting it now.

I suddenly felt his cock swell. He breathed out harshly now. I could feel him trying to control the movement of his hips. He must be trying not to come.

I opened my legs wider to him and he growled. His eyes looked pained. He stopped. There was silence for a moment.

My insides burst with his come suddenly. It was so warm, I threw my head back. It spilled from me onto the bed in spurts. He ground his teeth, smoke pouring from his mouth again.

He laid my hips back on the bed and slowly started to move back and forth in me again.

“Char…” I breathed. He gripped my hips tighter and bent my back. He was still grinding my g-spot.

Was he going to fuck the come out of me and make me come?

He let go of my hips to pull me forward and grab my ass. I was now leaning against him upright, his cock pulling in and out underneath me. His come was squirting out of me with each thrust.

“You don’t have to keep going,” I cooed. He sped up, I could feel his balls hitting my ass.

I bent myself to the right angle. Right there, Charizard.

He held me tight, slapping sounds resounding throughout the room. It got to be so fast my ass was sore from the pounding.

I could feel it again. I was trying to control myself just so I could feel him pounding me longer, but it was hot in my belly again.

I bucked forward this time, the orgasm seemingly running itself down my legs. I could feel Charizard freeze to enjoy the rough riding. I fell limp in his arms then.

I was breathing hard, listening to his heart pound in his belly.

“I wanted your attention so badly,” I breathed. “I just wanted you to like me.”

Charizard cooed above me. He laid me down and pulled out.

“I will make you deal,” he stared at me. “By the end of this month, in fourteen days, we will have that eighth badge.”

He spread his wings and flapped them, growling in victory.

“But before our journey, I need to wash these sheets.”

He shook his head, turning to walk back into what I assumed was the kitchen.

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