It’s always quiet after nine.

I could hear the subtle breathing coming from the bed beneath me.

I knew I was not alone, but I thought if I pretended as such, it eventually would become reality.

As I lay there, I glided my small fingers back and forth across my chest in a slow, feathering motion.

This helped me fall asleep.

I tuned into the faint mumbles from the television that was only kept on due to my fear of complete darkness, as the notion of another reality continuing after I had fallen into unconsciousness was strangely comforting.

Turning my head slightly to face the light, my eyelids began to feel heavy.

I slid my arm away from my torso until I could feel the soft plush that was my favorite stuffed animal; whom I had subjected to satisfy another level of comfort.

I felt safe.

Steadily, I drifted.

Opening my eyes again slightly, I could make out two figures that seemed rather far away, and I forced my eyes to focus on them.

Two older teenage boys sat on the edge of my bed, eyeing me with slightly seductive grins; both of them tall, skinny, and pale.

The room was satisfyingly dim, but the flickering light from the television danced menacingly on the sides of their sunken faces.

For what seemed like a rather long period of time, the boys continued to sit in silence.


Words were not exchanged, but it was very clear what they were here for.

Their aura’s felt familiar, as they had possibly been here before.

The boy closest to me reached out his hand to caress my upper thigh.


The recollection of being touched in this particular area in my waking state contributed greatly to this moment.

Suddenly, I could feel myself struggling to breathe as the excitement flushed through my entire body.

His hand slowly inched upwards, and I tried to suppress the tiny whimpers that continued to escape from my pursed lips.

His crooked smile and beaming stare began to glide very slowly towards me.



I could feel his breath undulating against mine.

Overpowering waves of heat rippled across my bare skin as he closed the gap between our noses.

My body was encased in euphoria, and I wanted to stay in this moment.

There was a mild discern of danger, but was quickly dismissed.

His fingers pressed against the most inner part of my thigh and stayed there until there was a slight adjustment in his stature from leaning further.

Suddenly, I jolted.

My eyelids shot opened, and as I drowsily skimmed the darkness for the boys, a peculiar mix of despair and relief flooded my brain.

Without hesitation, I reached down and placed my hand where I could subconsciously feel the warmth that was left behind.

I was not wearing undergarments, as they were usually constricting during sleepless nights where I tossed and turned frequently.

I could feel a slight wetness in this particular area, as if I had sweat too much while I was asleep.

I was somewhat unsure, but rather certain that this area could not perspire.

As I touched this area, there was a mild tingling sensation, but it could not compare to the way I had felt moments before.

Disappointed, I rolled over to face the wall to my left.

I wrapped my arms around my stuffed animal and gazed straight ahead.

Breathing deeply, I forced myself into another slumber, though this time, there was no content.

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