Rise of the Tail

Yukio was sucking it, and there was nothing Rin could do about it.

About twenty minutes ago Rin had told his brother about his stroking his tail to get off, leading to a conversation about the way he would use his tail for pleasure. Nibbling his tail while stroking himself, or using the appendage to stroke and wrap around himself.

But Rin was on his back now, on his elbows, legs wide open and half of his body off the bed. His legs were being held up and promptly opened by Yukio – an exercise Yukio had long gotten used to. Holding just under his brother’s knees, pulling his midsection up, to prop him, angled, into his mouth.

Rin could almost time his breathing to the bobs of Yukio’s head. The rhythm had started a good ten minutes ago. Never letting up. A steady rhythm, a pull, and push, yanking and stroking that engorged flesh, riding him with his mouth. His hips began their slow buck.

Rin tried to stave off the pull in his groin. He was going to cum. It was tested by means of Yukio’s throat. He tried to pull back but the mouth kept its steady sucking. He tried to grab the sheets harder.

Rin’s tail was whipping about, violent and desperate. He tried to focus on the feeling of his tail hitting the edge of the bed instead of the mouth. He tried to count the bobs of his brother’s head instead of feeling the mouth. He tried to breathe quickly so that the mouth would not win. He breathed in hard, he breathed out but the mouth was dominating him, tugging him, stroking, working around to his tip and back down, buried between his legs.

His balls were helpless, tightening, his legs started to splay in defeat. He couldn’t hold it. The wider his legs got, the deeper Yukio’s throat became.

He continued to fight, the back of Yukio’s throat jamming the head of his cock. It was coming. Three more pulls. Two more pulls. One more…

But the mouth didn’t stop. It was still pulling while Rin let go. He bucked and cried out, ropes of cum shooting down Yukio’s throat. The pulling continued, yanking jets of fluid from his groin until his bucking came up dry.

He had to damn near shove Yukio away from his sensitive member before that incessant bobbing started again. He breathed hard in defeat.

“Jesus…” Rin breathed out. “You just start sucking and sucking and pulling and I just can’t stop you.” He shivered.

Yukio smiled, wiping his mouth with a tissue from a box on the bedside table.

“I wouldn’t have jumped you had you not told me about that tail thing.” Yukio rubbed the throbbing member through his pants. “It’s just the way you put it… the way you would jerk it off.”

Rin blushed at this comment. Thoroughly regretting telling Yukio about his pass time.

“You said, well, that it felt a bit like a second cock. You could take the tip of your tail and grind it on your actual cock and-”

Rin shoved Yukio a bit, but they both smiled.

“How does it work?” Yukio suddenly looked at his tail. “Do you have to be gentle, or…”

“No. You can, uh, really tug at it… I’ll take one hand and hold the base, then wrap my hand about half way down and stroke upwards towards the tip.”

“Have you ever stroked both appendages at once?” Rin’s cock jumped.

“What – no! I’ve rubbed it against myself before, but I can’t really focus on both you know?” Rin turned his head away, blushing. Imagining the possibility of coming from both at once.

Yukio pulled his own tail out and examined it. Does it really feel good? He gingerly ran his fingers over it before grabbing the end hard and giving it a tug. A shiver ran up his spine.

Rin smiled at Yukio’s reddening face.

“So you like it too?”

Yukio gave him a defensive look, knowing that Rin might now use this information against him.

Rin reached over and stroked his brother’s tail, Yukio recoiling and yelling.

“Just wait. One of these days I’ll get you.” Rin wagged his tail a bit and gave his brother a long wink.

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