Picking the Short Straw

The Hitachiin brothers have always been a playful pair. They’ve always pulled pranks, taunted and dared, and most of all tempted each other.

Just to push the limits, one of them would lean in too close to the other, or just happen to brush up against the other in just the right way.

Kaoru was the main victim; Hikaru was the older and more dominant twin. With his endless curiosity, and reckless actions that straddled the line between fun and wrong.

Not that Kaoru objected, he just hated how he could be brought down to his knees so easily. (Pun intended.)

Now after a rather harsh prank that Hikaru pulled, (chaining him to the bed after he got out of the shower too early in the morning to see it coming, and only afterward saw some cum…), he had a plan. Why not use his Uke roll to his advantage?

It’s Friday, and Hikaru will be home in about 30 minutes. Time for Kaoru to unfold his plan.

Kaoru slipped into a low-cut scarlet dress, with its velvety top and just at the hips it frilled out into layers, in addition to the blood-red lipstick. He worked on the high heels just in time for Hikaru to enter the house.

He could hear his older brother’s footsteps echo through the house as he shouted his younger brother’s name. Hikaru came right up to the stairs and into their room- where Kaoru was laying, complete in drag, on the bed with his legs opened and angled just so.

Hikaru stared at the skinny and soft looking figure on the bed. “Kaoru, now that is just sick.”

Hikaru made a motion to go and take a shower but Kaoru walked over to help him remove his pants. “Kaoru, seriously.” But there was no turning back now… Hikaru was already hard, and he ached whenever he looked at his brother’s creamy legs, now walking back over to the bed to open again.

‘Why does Kaoru have to be so damn cute?’ Hikaru thought in somewhat delight.

Kaoru’s eyes darkened and glistened in the soft lighting of their room. Hikaru knew that he would not be able to stay away for much longer. Especially with the way that Kaoru was tilting his head, and gently licking his lips.

‘Damn his sexiness…’ He thought once more before walking over to the bed, trying to make his hips sway casually.

Kaoru just lay there, tilting his head at a larger angle, and then whispering a phrase that gave his brother no escape.

“Mmm, Hikaru… I am just aching for you to take this dress off of me…”

There was just that after effect of the word ‘aching’ that just brought about the tightness of his pants.

“Well then. I thought you were a big boy.” The elder said as calmly as his shaky voice would permit.

“Only if you want me to be.” Kaoru moved into a sitting position on the side of the bed. He bit his lip and angled his eyes upward to look at Hikaru.

That was it. It was on now. Before Kaoru even had a chance to move, he felt hands under his dress. The bottom was bunched at his thighs, and Hikaru’s mouth was all kind of wonderful over his thighs and erection.

Taken by surprise, Kaoru clawed back and removed his twin’s shirt. “Ah, H-Hikaru..” Kaoru let out a whine of surprise and relief. His brother was reaching farther into the dress brushing over his nipples and sliding down his torso. Kaoru’s back arched and his stiff cock jumped at his brother’s contact.

Hikaru jolted out of bed, huffing and his head spinning.

Kaoru had read him part of one of the many yaoi mangas they had laying around their house; just replacing the names with theirs. It had affected Hikaru’s dreams. Again.

Hikaru glared at him, then down at the manga.

“You had better find a dress fast Kaoru. You’re going to wear it. Or you are going to be taken right here, right now, with no mercy.”

Kaoru’s eyes widened. He never animated his brother this much. Kaoru yelped when he made eye contact with his dark-eyed brother and went to find a dress that was suitable for the situation and easy to take off.

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